"Defending Life" Season 11 (2006)

Elections 2006

Action Segment: Voter Registration/Voter Registration Sundays.  It is legal and effective for Churches to provide their congregations with the opportunity to fill out a voter registration form. Priests for Life has designated National Christian Voter Registration Sundays and provides pastors and parish volunteers the information and guidance they need to implement such a project.  The project should be conducted in such a way that the individual fills out the form completely before leaving Church. The parish volunteers will then mail the forms to their proper destination. Voter registration opportunities should likewise be provided at pro-life and other Church events and conference

Featured Product: Living the Gospel of Life with accompanying Study Guide.

Every Vote Counts in 2006

Learn more about what Churches and tax-exempt organizations can do regarding elections -- it's more than you think! Guest: James Bopp, Jr.

Action Segment: Write political letters to the editor and becoming politically active.  We are called to be politically active, and to help our fellow believers do the same. Encouraging others to register to vote is a helpful step to take. This should be discussed with people in our prayer groups, Bible studies, and the parish in general.  It is also a good idea to volunteer to work on campaigns for specific candidates. Likewise, every campaign can use volunteers to hand out literature prior to election day.
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Founding a New Society of Priests and Laity to do Pro-Life Work

Being pro-life is not a hobby. It is a vocation. Learn about the "Missionaries of the Gospel of Life," a new community of priests, deacons, and laity dedicated exclusively to ending abortion.  Guest: Most Reverend John Yanta, Bishop of Amarillo, TX.

Action Segment: Encouraging your Priests.  Priests are meant to encourage us in the practice of our Faith. But it's not a one-way street. We are called to encourage our priests in the practice of their priesthood! And part of the mission of the priest is to speak out against the injustice of abortion, point out the help that the Church gives to provide alternatives, invite people to the repentance and healing that need to follow abortion, and mobilize the congregation to work to end this tragedy.

Our brochures How to Encourage Your Priest to be Actively Pro-Life, A Letter to My Priest, and A Ministry of Encouragement for Life provide helpful guidance to get you started.

We send our newsletter to every priest in the country, but you may want to verify with your priest that he receives and reads it. Also, be sure to point out to your priest that we publish on this website suggested petitions for the General Intercessions, both in English and in Spanish, that are geared to the readings of each Sunday of the Year. Likewise, alert him to the bulletin inserts that are available, both from the website and in camera-ready format.

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Reflections of Fulltime Pro-Life Work

Action Segment: Wear the Precious Feet pin.

Reflections on What Really Happened to Terri Schiavo.

Guests: Bob and Mary Schindler, Terri's parents.

Read more about Terri.

Action Segment: Make out your Will To Live.

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What Are the Next Steps for the Pro-Life Movement?

After the killing of Terri Schiavo, what must the pro-life movement do? Guests: Bob and Mary Schindler, Terri's parents.

Stem Cell Research & Cloning: Scientific Details Made Simple and Pastoral Perspectives for the Church Part 1

Guest: Fr. Tadeusz Pacholczyk 

Action Segment: Monitor Magazines.  Our pro-life activity must reach people who are not looking for us. One way to do that is to get the pro-life message into popular magazines. A particular audience to target, of course, is the teenage and young adult audience. Pro-life groups should have individuals who monitor such magazines, and look for feature articles, news reports, editorials, or advertisements that deal with or mention abortion. 
If the magazine says something that is exaggerated, factually incorrect, or insulting to pro-life people, that item should be countered with a letter to the magazine and a phone call to the person responsible for publishing it.
But beyond the correction of things that are wrong, pro-life people should take the initiative to send to the magazine letters, stories, and suggestions for features that highlight the fact that more and more people in our country are becoming pro-life. Young people who work to end abortion, or courageously say no to the temptation to abort their own child, can provide the basis for excellent magazine stories. Getting teens to write letters to teen magazines in support of the pro-life position is an excellent project.
Advertising is critical as well. It would be money well-spent if a pro-life group purchased an ad in a teen or young adult magazine, conveying a powerful pro-life message.
And we are not just talking about magazines for teens and young adults. All kinds of magazines provide a wide-open field for our message. The attitudes of many people are being formed by these publications. Let's not be on the sidelines lamenting them; rather, let's get informed about what is in these magazines, and how we can get our message in them too.
Featured Product: Declaration on the Production and the Scientific and Therapeutic Use of Human Embryonic Stem Cells. A booklet produced by the Pontifical Academy of Life, Vatican.

Stem Cell Research & Cloning: Scientific Details Made Simple and Pastoral Perspectives for the Church Part 2

Guest: Fr. Tadeusz Pacholczyk 

Exposing the Abortion Procedure

Sidewalk Counseling and the Rights of Activists

Action Segment: www.childpredators.com

Featured Product: This Is My Body brochure and the Spanish version, Este Es Mi Cuerpo; The Bible’s Teaching Against Abortion brochure and the Spanish version, La Ensenanza De La Biblia Contra El Aborto.

Pregnancy Resource Centers Offering Women Real Choices

Latest Developments in the Silent No More Awareness Campaign

Living Proof of the Link Between Abortion & Breast Cancer and Standing Up for Your Catholic Pro-Life Convictions

Guests: Lt. Commander Thomas Messe and Mrs. Charnette Messe

Action Segment: Responding effectively to someone you know who had an abortion.  If you know someone who had an abortion, and she knows that you know, make it clear to her that those who oppose abortion do not oppose those who have them. Rather, we embrace them with love and healing. Let such people know that you are always ready to listen, and to lead them to post-abortion healing resources.

If the person who had the abortion does not know that you know, you can approach the topic indirectly. "I heard a great talk yesterday about healing and forgiveness for those who have had abortions," you might say. Or you might leave a helpful brochure in her path. Then give her a chance to raise the topic if and when she is ready. Meanwhile, offer fervent prayers for her healing.

Offer a Rachel’s Vineyard brochure or the Silent No More Awareness Campaign brochure.  Use the Silent No More bumper stickers, envelope stickers and mugs to promote conversation. 

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