Defending Life Season 18 (2011)

The Eighteenth season of Fr. Frank Pavone's "Defending Life" program was taped in the Fall of 2010 and began airing on Thursday, March 3, 2011

Watch on EWTN: Thursday at 11pm ET and Saturday at 2:30 am ET

Listen on EWTN radio: Friday at 1am ET, Saturday at 6:30pm ET and Sunday at 5am ET.    

See for questions that will be addressed on this series.

Pro-Life Reflections for Every Day booklet

The Biology of Pre-Natal Development DVD

Episode 2: Does the Unborn Child Feel Pain? (

Episode 3: How to Stop Forced Abortions (

Episode 4: Race for the Cure, NOT! ( or

Press Release: Eve Silver Resignation

Episode 5: Closing Abortion Mills Without Changing Laws

Episode 6: Saving Lives By Direct Action

Episode 7: The Church and Healing after Abortion

Episode 8: The Church and Elections

Episode 9: Damage After Abortion: What the Research Says

Episode 10: Stopping Abortion on the International Scene

Episode 11: Helping College Students Choose Life

Episode 12: A Black Psychiatrist Examines Abortion

Episode 13: How We Pray to End Abortion

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