The Reality of Partial Birth Abortion: Part 1

Some people think it doesn't happen. Others say it is a standard aspect of "health care." Still others call it barbarism--

What is a "partial-birth abortion?"

This interview with Brenda Pratt Shafer, RN, who witnessed three of these procedures, will show you what it is. With the use of medically accurate diagrams and the instruments that are actually used, Brenda leads us through the steps of this act by which a child is delivered, all but the head, and then killed by the insertion of scissors into the head.

Learn, furthermore, about our nation's current policy on abortion (legal through all nine months) and hear Brenda discuss the question so many have: What happens to the bodies?

The Reality of Partial Birth Abortion: Part Two

Why would anyone want to allow a baby to be partially delivered and then killed with scissors? Are "partial-birth abortions" only done for severe cases that threaten the life of the mother? Why did Brenda Pratt Shafer, who was once in favor of keeping abortion legal, change her mind after witnessing the procedure? Find the answers to these and other urgent questions in this stirring interview of the nurse who worked for Martin Haskell and now tells the world what she saw.

Rachel Mourns: Part One: Post-Abortion Healing

To oppose abortion does not mean to oppose those who have one. As Vicki Thorn, founder of Project Rachel, explains, the Church called for a pastoral effort of healing women from the wounds of abortion long before most people knew what those wounds are. Now, through Project Rachel and the National Office of Post-Abortion Reconciliation and Healing, Vicki and many others reach out to mothers, fathers, and other relatives of aborted babies, and let them know that the doors of the Church are open: forgiveness and healing are available. In this interview, learn more about the wounds abortion inflicts, how the church responds, and what books are available to give you more information. And remember the national hotline for post-abortion counseling: 1-800-5-WE-CARE.

Rachel Mourns: Part Two! "Generation X"

Those born from approximately 1961 to 1981 have been referred to as "Generation X." They face special challenges and have particular wounds. Vicky Thorn, Director of the National Office of Post-Abortion Reconciliation and Healing, shares some insights about this generation. She discusses, among other things, that they are the survivors of abortion, and explains how a phenomenon known as survivor's syndrome can manifest itself.

What is the solution to the needs of this generation? They need unconditional love, and the Church must be a witness to that love more powerfully than ever before!


Some call it the "abortion pill." Yet, as Fr. Frank Pavone describes in this show, that is far too simple a description of RU-486. This drug is a powerful synthetic steroid which may prove to be a chemical time bomb. A 1986 New Republic article said that the whole first generation of those who use the drug will be guinea pigs. The president of the company that manufactured it said, "It is an appalling psychological is not at all easy to use."

The RU-486 technique actually involves a combination of drugs, and a several step process which is not as private as abortion promoters want us to think. Find out what you should know and what you can do about this threat to human life.

Euthanasia - Part I

Euthanasia is not a future problem; it is a present problem. In this video, Fr. Frank Pavone explores some of the confusion surrounding this tragedy. He points out that compassion means sharing another's suffering, not eliminating the other's life. He reminds us that there is no such thing as a worthless life, and that while there are circumstances in which we can legitimately refuse treatment, there are never circumstances in which we can deliberately end life.

What are the criteria for deciding whether a medical treatment is morally obligatory? What is the real meaning of "death with dignity"? Find the answers to these and many related questions in this show!

Euthanasia - Part 2

Why do organizations exist to promote the right of doctors to kill their patients, or of patients to kill themselves? Does a desire to escape suffering justify the killing of a human person?

In this second part of his discussion on euthanasia, Fr. Frank Pavone answers these questions. He shows how the crucifix answers the challenge of euthanasia. He explains that we do not have a' right to die," but rather a right to the love and care which recognize the value of human life even when it is afflicted by weakness and extreme suffering.

This show also looks at the reasons why living wills should not be used.


Former Abortion Guard and Escort

"We even poured honey on the fence where the pro-lifers talked to the women and then kicked the fence so the bees would come up."

This and other tactics were used by Mark Bomchill when he worked as an escort and guard at an abortion mill in Minneapolis. His purpose: block pro-life information from getting to the women who were coming for abortions. "If the women changed their mind," Mark explains, "that would mean a loss of business. "

Yet Mark began to tire of the abortion business, and was won over by the friendship of pro-lifers and by a rally at which Fr. Frank Pavone spoke in January 1995. Listen to Fr. Frank and Mark discuss Mark's journey from abortion escort to committed pro-lifer!

I left an Abortion Clinic Waiting Room

This video is a story of victory, a story of how an abortion was prevented on November 12, 1994. Fr. Frank Pavone interviews Helene Lovera, who went into an abortion mill in Orlando and, upon looking out the window, saw Fr. Pavone and others praying outside! "If there are so many people out there praying and saying (abortion) is wrong, maybe it is," Helene thought. She came out, and was counseled by Caroline Routson, a sidewalk counselor, and by Fr. Pavone who baptized the baby several months later.

Hear Helene, Caroline, and Fr. Pavone discuss that momentous day. See the baby, Guadalupe, who was saved! Learn about the help that is available to those who courageously choose life!

'Mary Doe' of Doe vs. Bolton

On January 22, 1973, the US Supreme Court issued two decisions on abortion: Roe vs. Wade, which legalized abortion in all 50 states, and Doe vs. Bolton, which assured its legality through all nine months for any reason.

The "Jane Roe" of Roe vs. Wade is now pro-life. She is Norma McCorvey.

The "Mary Doe" of Doe vs. Bolton was always pro-life. She is Sandra Cano, and she speaks on this video with Fr. Frank Pavone. She explains that the Doe vs. Bolton case was based on fraud right from the start: Sandra Cano never believed in abortion and never wanted one! Hear her tell her story, and declare that January 22, 1973 was by no means a day of victory for her. Rather, she explains, she was a victim just like the babies are!

The Gospel of Life

On March 25, 1995, Pope John Paul II issued the encyclical Evangelium Vitae (The Gospel of Life). This document celebrates the one, unique Gospel of Christ as the Gospel of Life, for Christ identified Himself as the Life. He calls us to eternal life, for which this earthly life is a necessary foundation. Because Christ has joined all humanity to God, a rejection of human life is a rejection of Christ, and an attack on human life is an attack on God.

This encyclical reaffirms that abortion and euthanasia are always morally wrong. It further calls us to 'a great campaign on behalf of life." Let this video introduce you to this great document. Then obtain it and read it!


Why is contraception wrong? How do many so-called "contraceptives" actually cause early abortions?

Find out in this show how the Church's teaching on contraception can be explained in simple terms. It is a holding back. It says, "I will not give you my fertility."

Much more true to God's plan is the unity of love and life. That's how it is in God Himself: He is Love and He is Life. The fascinating truth is that to understand sex, we need to understand more about God!

The Catholic Vote

Does the Church have political responsibilities? Do the People of God have a role to play in shaping the laws and governments of the nations in which they live?

Fr. Frank Pavone begins answering these questions with another question: What is the relationship between heaven and the events of this world?

He draws heavily on Scripture, on the teaching of the Second Vatican Council, and on Pope John Paul II's encyclical The Gospel of Life. He explains that Church teaching involves much more than religious beliefs. It includes the truths about the human person that are essential to holding society together! He explains that government and laws in this world are accountable to the laws of the One who governs the universe! To follow him, furthermore, does not mean accepting second class citizenship or a distorted notion of the "separation of Church and State. " It means, rather, an active involvement in the political process so that the dignity of human life and the common good are preserved!

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