Defending Life Season 23

This series features Executive Director Janet Morana, with co-host Fr. Scott Daniels, as they discuss pro-life strategies and interview fascinating guests.

Airing Schedule: Watch Wednesdays at 2:30am and Thursdays at 11pm ET.  Listen on EWTN Radio Saturdays at 6:30pm ET and Sundays at 5am ET.  Go to our media schedule to find the topic for each week.

See for questions that will be addressed on this series.

Episode 1: Recall Abortion

A new book by Janet Morana that delves deeply into abortion as a bad product that should be recalled by our government, and explores what women who have abortions recall about the experience. She traces the societal changes that brought about abortion, and covers many of the arguments for keeping abortion legal, including at-risk mothers, victims of rape and incest, and fetal anomalies.  Go to to purchase the book and sign the petition.

Action: Encourage your Priests.  Our brochures How to Encourage Your Priest to be Actively Pro-Life, and A Letter to My Priest, provide helpful guidance. We send our newsletter to every priest in the country, but you may want to verify with your priest that he receives and reads it. Also, be sure to point out to your priest that we publish on this website suggested petitions for the General Intercessions, both in English and in Spanish, that are geared to the readings of each Sunday of the Year. Likewise, alert him to the bulletin inserts that are available, both from the website and in camera-ready format.


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Episode 2: Helper’s of God’s Precious Infants & Sidewalk Counseling

Bishops, Cardinals, and priests worldwide are rising up to the challenge of ending abortion. Find out about how they are getting motivated. 

Guest: Msgr. Philip Reilly, Founder of the Helper’s of God’s Precious Infants.  Also see

Action: Using Facebook to advance the pro-life message. See and

Featured Product: Recall Abortion


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Episode 3: Pro-Choice Women Don’t Speak for Me!

Groups that support abortion try to make us think they speak for all women.  Find out more about survivors at

Action: Spread the word about our Hispanic Outreach.  See  and for liturgical resources in Spanish. 

Featured Product: Booklet: Addressing Abortion With Confidence


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Episode 4: Pregnancy Help Centers

Tens of thousands of people each day are turning women away from abortion. How exactly do they do it?

Guest: Peggy Hartshorn, President, Heartbeat International

Action: Be An Ambassador for Healing.  Promote Rachel's Vineyard post-abortion retreats and the Silent No More Awareness Campaign healing resource search engine at

Featured Products: Silent No More Awareness Campaign Products


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Episode 5: What Happens When Roe V. Wade Is Overturned & What Can Pro-Life Lawyers & Law Students Do to Help the Pro-Life Movement!

Guest: Charmaine Yoest, President & CEO of Americans United For Life

Action: Invite women of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign to speak at your events and churches. Email us at

Related Resources: Defending Life TV Series


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Episode 6: Stop D & E

There’s a large segment of the public that wants to keep abortion legal. But we have a way to mobilize them to help end abortion.  See

Action: How to do voter registration in churches and among family and friends.  See


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Episode 7: Why are the Pregnancy Centers Under Attack?

What objection can people possibly have to saving the lives of babies?

Guest: Jeanneane Maxon, formerly of Americans United for Life

Action: Join the Largest Prayer Campaign in History!  See

Featured Resources: Book: Lime 5  and Fr. Frank’s EWTN Homily's


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Episode 8: Conversion from Pro-Choice to Pro-Life

Hear our guest from a well-known family explain why she turned from pro-choice to pro-life.

Guest: Victoria Hearst

Action: How to identify the pro-life candidates and how to help them get elected!  See

Featured Products:  Children's books by Anthony DeStefano


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Episode 9: Disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ

A vibrant, Franciscan, charismatic community of women religious who are deeply tuned in to the pro-life fight!

Guest: Sr. Cecilia,

Action: Stop D & E abortions by showing the images of the procedure and asking pro-choice people ”Is this what they mean by pro-choice?".  See

Featured Product Study Guide for the United States Bishops' document, Living The Gospel of Life


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Episode 10: Men Regret Lost Fatherhood

Some think abortion is just about a woman and her pregnancy. We will hear from those who are often the forgotten players in this drama.  See the Silent No More Awareness Campaign resources for men.

Guests: David Rosa, Chuck Raymond & Richard from AZ.  Join men and women in being silent no more at

Action: Promote Rachel's Vineyard post-abortion healing retreats.

Featured Products:

Fr. Frank’s Books: Ending Abortion Not Just Fighting It and Pro-Life Reflections for Everyday.

Janet Morana’s Book: Recall Abortion

Books by Anthony DeStefano


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Episode 11: The Beloved Community Includes The Unborn!

 Martin Luther King’s sister-in-law has made a stirring declaration in our nation’s Capitol that can be an historic turning point. Read and sign on to the declaration that the beloved community includes the unborn.

Action: Watch the EWTN show for women, The Catholic View for Women.  Like us on Facebook and watch the shows on our website,

Guest: Naomi Barber King


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Episode 12: Remembering Dr Bernard Nathanson

He was a key architect of the abortion industry.  You’ll hear him explain the single most important element both of his success, and of ours.  You can find out more about Dr. Nathanson being one of the architects of the abortion industry in Janet Morana's book, Recall Abortion.

Guest: Clip of Dr Bernard Nathanson. 

Action: Use Pro-life License Plates.  There are two ways to use your automobile's license plate to promote the pro-life message. First, you can change your license number itself to a pro-life message. For example, "ProLife1" or "Yes2Life" are possible license plates. Use your creativity, and check with your state Department of Motor Vehicles to see what plates are available.  Second, in many states, specialty pro-life plates are available. You keep your regular license number, but the frame of the plate conveys a "Choose Life" message, and the proceeds for these plates support alternatives to abortion.  Of course, along with license plates, you can always let your vehicle spread the pro-life message through bumperstickers and static stickers.

Featured Product: You Can Save Someone’s Life Today!


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Episode 13: Lessons Learned From Baby Joseph

This baby’s life hung in the balance, until you got involved to give him the treatment he deserved.  See

Action: Using You Tube to Advance the Pro-Life Message.

Featured Product: In The Palm Of His Hand Prayer Booklet


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