Defending Life Season 22

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Episode 1: How To Evaluate Candidates: The questions you should ask about a candidate before you cast your vote.

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Episode 2: My One Vote What Difference Does It Make?

We each have one vote to cast in an election; find out why that makes a difference. 

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Episode 3: What Difference Does It Make To Have A Pro-Life President?:

Some people ask whether a President makes any difference in the fight against abortion.

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Episode 4: Youth Defending Life: Youth in the pro-life movement – are there some surprises about what their involvement means?

Guests: Bryan Kemper Stand True Ministries; Jason Handcock, Northern Walk 2011, Crossroads and Chris Slattery, Expectant Mother Care

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Episode 5: Lessons from a Saint's Daughter: Hear from the relative of a saint who is a patroness of the pro-life movement.

Guests: Gianna Emanuela, Daughter of St Gianna Beretta Molla and Thomas J. McKenna, Founder and President, St. Gianna Physician’s Guild

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Episode 6: “I Survived An Abortion!”: If those who were aborted could talk to us, what would they say?

Guest: Melissa Ohden, Abortion Survivor, Founder and Director, For Olivia’s Sake

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Episode 7: Update on the Silent No More Awareness Campaign: The largest mobilization of women who regret their abortion and how they are changing hearts and minds on abortion.

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Episode 8: Journey from My Abortions to the Catholic Church: Explore with us the one big change in society that will do the most to stop abortion.

Guest: Cynthia Dillard Clip. Clinical Psychologist from PA

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Episode 9: Sidewalk Counseling Worldwide: It’s something Mother Teresa did to stop abortion, and many people like you are doing it today.

Guest: Sylvia Jiménez., Human Life International Austria

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Episode 10: My Abortions and My Work for Planned Parenthood: How does it affect a person when they work for the world’s largest killing business?

Guest: Patricia Sandoval from Rachel’s Vineyard

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Episode 11: Update on Gospel of Life Ministries: Find out more about the workings of the largest pro-life ministry in the Catholic Church.

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Episode 12: My Coerced Celebrity Abortion: Hear the story of how a celebrity coerced an abortion, and what happened afterwards.

Guest: Julia Holcomb, spokesperson for the Silent No More Awareness Campaign.

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Episode 13: Pornography and Abortion: Find out how one of the common expressions of immorality is more connected with abortion than we might think.

Guest: Peter C. Kleponis, Ph.D., L.P.C. , Institute for Marital Healing

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