Defending Life Season 24

This series features Executive Director Janet Morana, with co-host Fr. Denis Wilde, O.S.A., Associate Director, as they discuss pro-life strategies and interview fascinating guests.


See for questions that will be addressed on this series.

Free products offered this season: Mass cards for the living and deceased and The Will to Live

Episode 1: Things the Abortion Industry Does

 Learn about the deceptive and destructive practices of the abortion industry and what you can do about it.

Guest: Wendy Wright, CFAM

Action: Use the power of ultra sound pictures and the testimonies of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign.

Featured Product: Abortion Loss & Unresolved Grief DVD set and course guide


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Episode 2: History of Recovering Aborted Babies for Burial

The battle to respect life does not end when a child dies, nor do the efforts of the culture of death. Recovering aborted babies for burial is a fascinating aspect of pro-life work.

Guest: Monica Miller, Author of Abandoned

Action: Unborn Memorials Project -

Featured Product: Killed in Darkness; Remembered in Light DVD


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Episode 3: Priests For Life’s Global Outreach

Because the war on unborn children is worldwide, so is our effort to defend them. One aspect of the Priests for Life global outreach is the Parliamentary Network for Critical Issues.

Guest: Bob Lalonde, Director of International Outreach for Priests for Life/Gospel of Life Ministries. 

Action: Read and spread the Priests for Life Action Alerts.  See the red Action Alert box on and also


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Episode 4: The Youth That Survived Roe: Roe Will Not Survive Them

You will be encouraged by the energy and vision of young people in the pro-life movement.

Guest: Bryan Kemper,  Director of Stand True Youth Outreach for Priests For Life.

Action: Spread quotes about abortion to expose it. and  and

Featured Resources: National Prayer Service Sermon.


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Episode 5: Reaching the Black Community

Find out how the Black outreach of Priests for Life is making abortion supporters in Congress very nervous.

Guest: Dr. Alveda King, Director of African American Outreach, Priests for Life

Action: Sign and spread the declaration “The Beloved Community and the Unborn."


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Episode 6: Recall Abortion

At various times, cars and food products and medical services have been recalled by the government when it was discovered that these products were hurting the public. Now, we have enough evidence to recall yet another product, abortion.

Guest: Hannah Rose Allen from North Carolina

Action: Sign the Recall Abortion Petition

Featured Products: Silent No More Awareness Campaign Products


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Episode 7: Understanding Miscarriage

How many people do you know who have suffered miscarriage? There are important things for us to know how to do to help them, and certain things we have to be sure not to do or say.

Guests: Bryan Kemper and John Scalia, Sr. of Scalia Funeral Home

Action: Back in His Arms Again Ministry

Featured Product: Recall Abortion by Janet Morana 


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Episode 8: Women Murdered in Abortion Clinics

They were just like your daughters and granddaughters. They didn't have to die; but more often than anyone knows, young women are falling victim to a hidden killer, and there are things you can do about it.

Action: Get the word out about women still dying in abortion clinics.  See  for a partial list. This list is a single sheet, double-sided, so it is easy to carry to an abortion mill prayer vigil in which the names can be read aloud.

Featured Product:  Lime 5 book by Mark Crutcher


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Episode 9: Abortion and the United Nations

The forces of evil do not stop when they get a particular nation to go their own way. They want the whole world. On this episode you will learn one of the ways they try to do that, and also some good news about how they have been failing.

Guest: Wendy Wright

Action: Use life-affirming language.  See chapter 12 of Recall Abortion for more information.

Featured Product:  SNMAC Song/6 min Testimony Montage DVD


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Episode 10: Late Term Abortion, Yes It Is Legal Through All 9 Months!

What you will hear about on this episode is happening every day. We will show you the evidence, and we will show you how you can help us stop it.

Action: You can spread the word that late term abortion is legal and still happening in the USA. Go to the Yellow Pages and on line at and to the website of the abortion industry for the proof!  Also, go to  to sign up for a special project.

Featured Products:  Fr. Denis Wilde, O.S.A. piano concerts.  In Concert for Life & Sharing the Keys to Christmas


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Episode 11: Making Progress on the State Level

 For anyone who has ever wondered what can be done to save lives and whether the laws can ever be changed, this episode is sure to be an encouragement to you, and a source of many new ideas for action.

Action: Get the latest updates about the HHS Mandate

Featured Products:  Priests for Life E-Books


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Episode 12: Couples Being Silent No More… Part 1

Through a couple, Adam and Eve, humanity made a covenant with death. On this episode, see couples of today taking the beautiful step of life-giving repentance.

Guests: Matt and Kelly Clinger 

Action: Spreading the healing at and the men's section of the Silent No More website.

Featured Resources: Pro-Life Spirituality Training


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Episode 13: Couples Being Silent No More… Part 2

The wound of abortion isolates people. Healing after abortion brings them together. Learn the power of seeing couples healed after this tragedy.

Guests: Lana & Christian Diaz

Action: Emancipation Proclamation for the Unborn.  Go to

Featured Product: The Catholic View For Women Series DVD’s


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