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This series on EWTN features Executive Director Janet Morana, with co-host Fr. David Begany, S.S.J., and others as they discuss pro-life strategies and interview fascinating guests.

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The co-hosts pray on each episode using Fr. Frank Pavone's Pro-Life Reflections for Every Day.
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Episode 1: Pro-Life Spirituality

Learn about the pro-life spirituality that will assist and strengthen us in doing our pro-life work. 

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What is a "Missionary of the Gospel of Life?"

It is a disciple of Christ who recognizes that the number one moral priority of our day is bringing an end to the massive child-killing taking place through abortion, and restoring the right to life to children in the womb!

Moreover, such a disciple sees pro-life activity not just as a cause, but as a spirituality, and devotes him/herself to either full-time or part-time pro-life activity, in accordance with the spirituality developed by Priests for Life.

This involves making certain commitments to prayer, personal study, and pro-life work to the extent that one’s duties permit. We would provide opportunities for local gatherings in which one could learn the spirituality of the Missionaries of the Gospel of Life and be with other people who are making a similar commitment

Very simply, whatever pro-life work you are already doing can now be done in the context of the spiritual commitment of the Missionaries of the Gospel of Life.

"Missionaries of the Gospel of Life" is a program of "Priests for Life,” which is the largest Catholic apostolate focused entirely on ending abortion.

For some throughout the pro-life movement, there is a sense of isolation from the local Church, particularly when there isn't the leadership or encouragement that should be available at the parish level. Pro-life activists are sometimes made to feel like "outsiders."
 As a Missionary of the Gospel of Life, however, you will find more encouragement from priests and laity alike who are living the same spirituality.
Missionaries of the Gospel of Life is a direct response to the call issued by Pope Saing John Paul II in Evangelium Vitae: “What is urgently called for is a general mobilization of consciences and a united ethical effort to activate a great campaign in support of life. All together, we must build a new culture of life” (EV, n.95).

Missionaries of the Gospel of Life witness before the Church and the world to the priority of the right to life as the foundation of all other rights, and to the absolute claims to respect and protection that this right makes upon every individual and community in the human family. We promote and defend the natural human right to life, in the light of the Gospel,  focusing in particular on ending the scourge of abortion.

Missionaries of the Gospel of Life undertake a process of spiritual and pro-life development, and then make a public commitment to defend human life and to collaborate with other Missionaries by following our spirituality and sharing its mission to the extent that their duties allow.
We participate in four overarching spiritual disciplines to nurture the spirituality and virtues that we teach. 

If a person wants to be a Missionary of the Gospel of Life, there is a period of discernment and study, after which, upon mutual agreement of the individual and our organization, a public commitment is made.

For more information and to take steps to join the Missionaries of the Gospel of Life go to


Episode 2: My Heart Beats Just Like Yours

Meet the unborn child with the newest advances in images of the baby and what we need to do to protect the unborn from abortion!

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A new powerful tool to restore protection to the children in the womb.


Episode 3: What can the Dobbs case being decided by the Supreme Court mean to the end of Roe V. Wade?

The Dobbs Supreme Court case and the possible scenarios and what the outcome might mean for the prolife movement.

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For more educational information on the Dobbs case and the overturning of Roe v. Wade, go to

Episode 4: The Good Shepherd Project

Learn how to engage your pastors, priests and deacons to bring an end to abortion!

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Proclaiming the Message of Life


Read more about the Good Shepherd Project at

Episode 5: The Moral & Spiritual Injury Of Abortion

Explore why so many women and men stay in denial about the injury from abortion and hear Dr. Theresa Burke explain the reasons and offer solutions to help them find healing.

Episode 6: Pro-life Wins Elections!

Everyone can be involved in electing more prolife candidates in the important 2022 elections. 

Guest: Erin Parfet, Political Outreach Associate, Priests for Life

Episode 7: Abortion and Communion

Explore the US Bishops’ new document on the Eucharist and the controversy of pro-abortion politicians and communion. Guest Via Clip: Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone

Guest Via Clip: Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone

Many of the faithful want our Church leaders to speak up about pro-abortion politicians who receive Communion. Has there been any response? 

Episode 8: Encouraging Prolife News on Capitol Hill

Hear Senator Steve Daines reveal some important insights into how to advance the prolife cause!

Episode 9: How To Elect Prolife Candidates

Learn practical nuts and bolts of what people can do to elect more pro-life candidates. gives people overall guidance and leads them to specific other sites for detailed information on candidates and one of those sites is

Episode 10: Marching for Life

Explore why we march for life, and learn how Nellie Gray started the March for Life and what are the Life Principles on which she based it.

Episode 11: The Latest Information on Chemical Abortion

Chemical Abortion is always bad for the baby and for the mother too!  Find out the latest developments and what we need to do to stop it! 

Episode 12: How To Encourage Your Priests and Deacons To Preach on Abortion

Learn why we do not hear enough about abortion from the pulpit and practical ways to make that change!

Guest: Bishop Joseph Coffey, Auxiliary Bishop, Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA

Episode 13: Abortion, Always bad for the Baby but equally bad for the Mom too!

Find Out The Latest Attacks On The Unborn and their Moms and how to stop it!

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